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Berlin Survival Guide

Thinking of going to Berlin? Want to know what to do and where to go? Have no fear, I've got you covered. I present to you the ultimate Berlin Survival Guide - your one stop shop for a fantastic trip no matter whether you are an adventurer, a clubber or a creature of culture.
Get Some Culture! Berlin is steeped in modern history, with the shadow of the Berlin Wall still very much a part of the city. And its not just modern history it holds in excess, with galleries on museum island and incredible 17th century architecture in the form of the state opera house, if arts and history are your thing, you will not be left disappointed. 
Sandemans Tour - FREE(ish) If you only have one day in Berlin GO ON THIS TOUR!. Berlin is not a small city and you can easily waste a day just trying to find the sites featured on this list. Sandemans offer a FREE (yes, free!) tour of the city that will take you through all of the highlights and have a nice lunch stop in just 3 hours. I've been on Sandema…

Operation Little Vittles: A Mini Story

When researching for my Teufelsberg post a couple of weeks ago I stumbled across a wonderful piece of history that could not go without being retold. Fair warning, this may be the sweetest story you will ever hear. So without further ado, here is the tale of Operation Little Vittles.

Gail Halvorsen was a US Officer, WWII command pilot, and all round good guy. Following a turbulent few years fighting, Gail finally settled down to an easy life, transporting goods and services across the Atlantic Ocean, only to find himself in the limelight once again in June 1948, at the start of the Berlin Blockade.  To jog your memories, the Berlin Blockade was a year long lock-down of West Berlin by the USSR. The Soviet Union were not pleased with West Berlin behaviour and decided the best method of discipline would be to cut all transport links out of the city, isolating the West from all outside goods and services. Unfortunately for the USSR, this scheme failed to deliver, as the allies banded togeth…